Intellectual Property Right
What is an Invention?

An invention is a new and useful idea, product, process and device or a new and useful improvement upon one of these which will lead to the solution to a specific problem in the field of technology.

What makes an invention patentable?

An invention is potentially patentable if it satisfies all three of the following: Novelty: The invention must be novel, i.e., new and original. An invention cannot be considered novel if it has been disclosed or made known to the public, used, published or patented by others anywhere in the world before the date the invention was made by the applicant. Non-Obviousness: The invention must not, at the time it was made, be considered obvious to a person of "ordinary skill" in the field of the invention. Utility: The invention must be useful and beneficial, i.e., it must have a practical application in any kind of industry.

Will disclosure of an invention put at risk the right to patent protection?

Public disclosures such as publications, posters, lectures, abstracts, conference, etc., made prior to the filing of patent application will put at risk or eliminate the possibility of obtaining patent protection. Although patent law allows a one-year grace period between the first public disclosure of an invention and the filing of a patent application, most other countries do not. In these countries, the right of patent protection is lost immediately upon disclosure. We therefore wish to emphasize on the importance of not disclosing publicly any potentially patentable information before consulting with PSP. We have the ability to file a provisional patent application the same day you send us an abstract or manuscript. In no instance will your publication be delayed.A patent application filed prior to publication protects the rights in your invention without affecting your ability to publish, and may be of great value to you and UPM in the future.

What is considered a public disclosure of an invention?

Anything that is readily available to the public that describes the basic ideas in enough detail that someone else would be able to make and use the invention is considered a public disclosure. Public disclosures can take place in many different forms, for example, journal papers, abstracts, conference presentations, showcases/exhibitions, publications on websites or even dissertations indexed at the library. Showing or telling these ideas may also constitute disclosure, as does selling or offering for sale a prototype of the invention.

What is the patenting process?

Please contact our officer at to know more about the patenting & intellectual property right. Apply using online application at  

What is PSP function actually?

PSP main function as a center for innovation management or technology transfer office for UPM. We connect UPM`s researcher with the industry to commercialized our R&D or Innovation. We also responsible to protect intellectual property belongs to UPM from the R&D output such as patent, copyright, trademark, new plant variety and industrial design.

Technology Transfer
What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer is the process of transferring knowledge or technologies developed at the UPM to industry. The UPM technology transfer mission is to partner with entities that can develop UPM inventions so that they become viable products.

Why get involved with technology transfer?

Ensuring your intellectual property is protected to continue research and ability to publish Benefit to the nation and public good Foster collaborations among scientists Obtain licensing revenue to support further research

Edu-tourism at UPM
Where is Edu Park located?

The Edu-park is in UPM Serdang Selangor, Malaysia. Visiti  for the list of attractive places.

When is the Edupark open?

Edupark remains open to visitors all year. Visiting hour: 8.30am to 5.00pm

How can I join Edupark or Edu-tourism package?

You can check our package at and contact our staff to book your trip at 03-8947 1413/1414 or send email to

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