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Single Seedling Nursery Tray for SRI Planting Machine

Project Leader:  Dr Aimrun Wayayok

IP : PI2013700745



System of Rice Intensification (SRI) operates with the aim of increasing rice yield by farming. The SRI single seedling nursery tray was designed to grow 924 viable seedlings at one time. Invention of this tray allows more farmers to adopt the SRI technology and practice it successfully with higher rice production rate.


This tray is able to give a 100 % seed germination rate when placed in a tapioca starch solution at specific concentration of 150 g/L. A single seedling nursery tray is able to produce a large quantity of seedlings at lower cost. The seedlings grown from this tray do not compete with each other for water, nutrient, aeration and light. Equal distribution of nutrients and light source to all 924 seedlings ensures growth of healthier seedlings for transplant. All 924 seedlings obtained from the single seedling tray were pre-separated from the roots to enable easy handling and planting in the field. The SRI tray allows rice planting method to be mechanized and reduces manual labor.


  • higher rice production rate
  • reduces manual labor
  • produces healthier seedlings for transplant


Prospects: department of agriculture, rice granary agencies (LADA, MADA, KEDA, KADA, KITARA), System of rice intensification (SRI) practitioners


In general the paddy area in Malaysia shows a decreasing trend from 716,873 ha in 1980 to 656,602 ha in 2008 (a negative average annual rate of growth of -0.29%). The average national paddy production is 3.660 metric tonnes per hectare. In 2007, there were 14 seed centers (both public and private), supplying seeds to approximately 138,000 farmers (subsidy figure). In 2009, there were about 300,000 rice farmers who rely on rice farming as their main source of income. Rice farmers in Malaysia are usually settled in eight main granaries and several small granaries across the peninsula. Almost 50% of the rice farmers operate in these eight granaries. The average yield is much higher in Peninsular Malaysia than in Sarawak or Sabah. The SRI single seedling nursery tray was designed to provide 974 viable seedlings for transplanting in paddy fields.

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