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Isnin - 20 Februari 2017
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Teknologi Untuk Dilesenkan
UPM mempunyai lebih daripada 1,000 teknologi yang sedia untuk dilesenkan kepada syarikat berminat di dalam pelbagai bidang. Lihat juga portfolio patent UPM di UPMIP.

UPM has more than 1,000 inventions that are available for licensing in various fields. Find technologies available for licensing from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Search Our Patent Portfolio at UPMIP.


Bacterial - Metal Ions Biosensor (BACMIONS)     Heat Tolerant Broccoli 
Green Lacewing, Apertochrysa sp. (Neuroptera : Chrysopidae) for Insect Pest Control     Nitrogen Contribution to Oil Palm by Mucuna bracteata Ground Cover
New Approach of Recycling Peat Soil Water in Agriculture      Oil Palm Bunches Ripeness Detection
Phosphate-Solubilizing Bacteria for Enhanced Growth of Aerobic Rice      Sarcocystis Singaporensis : A Safe Biorodenticide for conservation of Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)
Smart Ez Grader      Maximizing Yield of Crops by Reducing Phosphorus Fixation 
Biobased Nanoemulsion of Rotenone      Sustainable technology for increasing rice yield 
Single Seedling Nursery Tray for SRI Planting Machine     Multiplex Assay for detection of Bario Rice Samples (Orygene Bario ID Kit) 


Detection Kit for Carcinogenic Compounds, PAHs in Fish     Premier Marine Collagen
Economical Aquatic Pollution Indicator     Halotolerant Staphylococcus carnosus FS19 as a Potential Histamine Degrader
Lamp for the Detection of ISKNV        


NEW! Supercare-Stabilized Carotenoids and Vitamin E Powder     NEW! Pomelo Juice Extractor
 NEW! Ultrasound Bath Aided Mixing System      A White Pepper Decorticator  
An industrially potent lactobacillus plantarum for dual biosynthesizing activities for the production of glutamic acid and GABA    

Optimization of Squalene Recovery from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate using Pressure Swing Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Winged bean Seed : Natural multifunctional proteolysate,  ACE-inhibitory and antioxidative activity







 NEW!  Aqua Gelatin for versatile Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical 


A Novel Technology for Isolating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Tissues

Sunscreen active agent - Novel suncreen protection active agent based on intercalated nanolayered composite

    Nanocomposite Bone Scaffolds  

Automatic Detection of RV Endocardial Surface

    Diabetes Gene therapy Using Nutrients-regulated Nanoparticles  

Phyllanthus niruri Reduces Azotaemia


The Role Morinda Citifolia in Inhibiting the Proliferation of Leukaemic Cells in Rat Model


Composition Comprising Phaleria Macrocarpa Leaf Extract Having Anticancer Activity

    Salmonella Agona for Colorectal Tumor  

Hypoxia-inducible Factor (HIF) Activity Reporter Cell Line

    Geriatrics Information Management  

Green Synthesis of Hyaluronan-Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite Using Seaweed Extract For Biomedical Applications

     Multifunction Disposable Safety Syringe  


 NEW! Based Nanocosmeceutical - Pitaya Seed Extract

     NEW! Engkabang - Based Nano-cosmeceutical  


NEW! Single Layer Graphene Oxide      NEW! Bio-Based Production of Crotonic Acid  
NEW! Exotic Ice Structuring Peptides      NEW! pNZ_VIGTM : A Lactococcal Bicistronic Vector System for Genes Delivery in Eukaryotic Cells  
A Method of Producing 'Compreg' Oil Palm Wood      Dura1cane - Durability Class 1 Cane  

High-Grade Palm Plywood

    Development of Inexpensive Prosthetic Leg Socket From Woven Kenaf-Glass Fibre Hybrid Composites  

The Furniture Accountant

     The Sawmill Expert System  

Establishment of Pectinase Biosynthesis Strategy By a Locally Isolated Bacterial Strain for Bioretting of Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) V36

    Environmentally Friendly Processed Fibre Product and Method of Making The Same (Banana Paper)  

V-Grooving : A New Conversion Method of Bamboo Culms Into Flat Sheets for Laminated Bamboo Timber Production

    Water Resistant Paper from Malaysian Cultivated Kenaf Whole Stem Fibres  

A Method of Producing Biodiesel using Heterogeneous Catalytic System

    GreenCat - Bi-functional Heterogeneous Catalysts for Production of Non-Edible based Biodiesel  

AT2 Lipase

    Detergent for Machine Wash (DMW) Containing Locally Isolated Thermostable T1 Lipase  

Islamic Cleansing Clay

    New Sensor for Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in Drinking Water  

Novel heat-treatment aqueous two phase system for purification of serine protease from kesinai (Streblus asper) leaves

    Novel multifunctional Peptides derived from Palm Kernel Cake proteins  

Purification of serine protease from Mango Peel using an Alcohol/salt Aqueous two phase system

     NEW! Nano-Encapsuled Organic Phase Change Material  

Treatment of Oil Palm Biomass by Superheated Steam for Biocomposite Production

    High Thrust Density Transverse Flux Linear Motor  


NEW! How Practical Is Supercapacitor With Flexibility? You Decide

   NEW! Digital Speech Watermarking for Online Speaker Recognition Through G.722 (SPWA)  

A Dynamic Method for Establishing Efficient and Scalable Rekeying Algorithm in Mobile WiMAX

    Mobile Phones Image Forensic  

Social Network Privacy Protector



NEW! U-Shaped Steel Channel Connection For Dynamic Loading

  Rubber Wall Damper  

Phase Change Materials (PCM) Impregnated Bio-Polyurethane Roofing in Building Application



NEW! Polysulfone/Chitosan Composite Membrane For CO2/CH4 Separation

  Mangrove Forest Mapping  


Multi Function Kitchen Stool

     Hydroponic Rack  

Pindang Eggs Boiler

    Satay Packaging  

Congrex Public Bench


Malay Traditional Public Bench


Mototrcyclist Safety Compartment



NEW! OVCoP System Model


A Novel Multimedia File Splitting Technique for Medical Data Grid Storage


3D Depth Measurement using Images via Rotational Optical


Integrating Heterogeneous Data in Service-oriented Architecture


Automated System for Identification and Quantification of Lesions in Coronary Arteriograms

    Automatic Boundary Detection of Wall Motion in Two-Dimensional Echocardiography Images  

Expert Key Generator for Data Encryption

     ELT-TEC : A Tool for Evaluating English Textbooks  

New Network Traffic Analyzer (Net Flow Analyzer)

    Network Load and Packet Loss Optimization during Handoff using Multiscan Approach  

Private Android Safe Market



NEW! Clothing Fashion Design Competency Instrument (CFaDC)

   FText© Fuzzy Text Extractor  

Phonic Tutor Software For Visualy Dyslexic Student

    Smart Travel Package Recommendation System with Preference Evaluation Techniques  

Three Dimensions Web Based Structural Analysis Software

    Simple Explicit Animation (SEA) for Teaching Organic Reaction Mechanisms  

Inventori Kreativiti dan Inovasi Guru Dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran IKDIG

    Assessment of Teachers' Curriculum Practices in Teacher-Student Interaction System  

Student-Centered Learning Online Assessment System (SCLOAS)



NEW! After a Dream


NEW! Creating Originality and Effectiveness in Music Accomplishment of Sports Routine


A great literary work in Malay: The Heritage of Raja Ali Haji

    Ujian Kecekapan Bahasa Melayu  

Children Aggression Inventory (CAI)

     Kit Bijak Wang : Anak Bijak Cerdik Duit  
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